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Asian Bento Delivery 

Enjoy delectable local dishes and Asian delicacies. Served in disposable bento boxes. 

Asian Bento Set A

  1. Prawn in Chili Egg Sauce.
  2. Masak Merah Chicken.
  3. Omelete.
  4. Broccoli with Chinese Mushrooms.
  5. Yellow Rice.

Price: $12.50/set (Min. Order 30 sets)


Asian Bento Set B

  1. Har Loh (Prawn).
  2. Three Flavours, Sweet, Spicy and Sour Fish Fillet.
  3. Grilled yakitori on skewer.
  4. Seafood Croquette
  5. Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom.
  6. Fried Rice, topped with crispy silver fish.

Price: $16.00/set (Min. Order 30 sets)


Upgrade Your Meal with Side Order:

  1. Chef's Daily Dessert: $1.50/set
  2. Tropical Cut Fruits: $1.50/set
  3. Mineral Water (500ml): $1.50/Bottle


Deliver in Disposable Bento Box.
Include Disposable Cutleries & Serviettes.

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