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Birthday Catering

Birthday catering service provides catering for events that celebrate birthdays, or the anniversary day on which a person was born, such as, kids birthday, 21st birthdays, 50th birthdays, and 60th birthdays.

Your loved one's birthday is definitely one of the most special days of the year. Of course, you want to make it memorable.

If you have thought of organizing a party and inviting all your family members and friends to help celebrate, it is very important to make sure that you get the right birthday catering services.

Having delicious, appropriate food will guarantee a successful party for your birthday celebration.


Birthday Party
Buffet Menu

Price: $17.90
Minimum Order: 30 Pax


Party D'lites

Seafood Paste Dough Fritter
with Homemade Mayo Sauce

 Fried Vegetable Spring Roll
Served with Sweet Sauce

Main Dishes

Chef's Wok Fried Rice
with Silver Fish

Oats Prawn

Thai Sauce Crispy Fish Slice

 Honey Glaze Chicken Wing

 Baby Kailan with Mushroom

French Pastry

Mini Chocolate Eclair

Snowy Cream Puff


Creamy Sweet Corn
with Chilled Sago


Fruit Punch 



seafood paste dough fritter

Oats Prawn.

Honey Glazed Chicken Wing.

snowy cream puff



Delivery Package Includes:

  1. Full buffet table setup with food warmer, tables, table clothing & table skirting.
  2. Disposable cutleries, crockeries and serviettes.

Inform our catering consultant if you have other special requirements.


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Buffet Menu

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Select from a wide variety of menu for your birthday party:

Buffet Menus


Asian and International Cuisines.
Full Meal Buffet Menu.
Full Buffet Table Setup, Table Skirting, Food Warmer.

Mini Buffet Menus


Local & Western Cuisines.
Full Buffet Setup or Disposal Party Pack.

High Tea Buffet


Mix of Local, Asian & International Cuisine within a Menu.
Party & Finger Foods.
Full Buffet Table Setup, Table Skirting, Food Warmer.

Executive Bento


Variety of Local, Asian & International Cuisines.
Delivered in Disposal Microwaveable Container/Bento Box.




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