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Hari Raya Catering Menu A

A luxury spread of Hari Raya festive cuisine to celebrate the end of the Islamic holy month of fasting with your family, relatives & friends!

Aidilfitri inspired Redang, Masak Merah & Sambal dishes all prepared in traditional recipes & ingredients.

This menu is also available during non-festive season.


Hari Raya Festive
Buffet Menu A

Price: $16.90/pax
Minimum Order: 30 Pax


Starter Platter

Freshly Make Malay Kueh


Aidilfitri Delights

Butterfly Prawns with
Chef's Secret Sambal Sauce

Tenderly Stewed
Chicken Rendang

Crispy Fish Fillet
With Sweet Thai Chili Sauce


 Festive Delights

Golden Tauhu
With Savoury Satay Sauce

Stir-fried Market Green
With Aromatic Sambal Sauce

Nasi Kuning
(Turmeric Yellow Rice)



Bubur Pulut Hitam



Tropical Fruit Punch


Butterfly Prawns with Chef's Secret Sambal Sauce

rendang chicken

tahu goreng


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Hari Raya Festive Menu A

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